Solar System

How long does it take to give me a estimate?


If you are the owner of the house or commercial space it will only take about a day to get a quote out to you from the day we go over the system.


Why should you buy a system and not lease.



-Savings can be minimal due to some solar companies may have escalator clauses that can increase payments by 3% per year.

-You lose control over your roof due to companies want to maximize their profits and might add more panels then you may need.

-When its time to sell your house it may scare off potential costumers due to you will either have to buy out the lease or the person who is purchasing your home will have to assume it—which some are reluctant to do so.

-Maintenance depends upon the solar company.

-The solar company can remove the panels any time they want.


Why should you go solar?


1. Reduce operating costs

Weather commercial or personal electricity costs make up most of you monthly expenses. With solar you significantly reduce or eliminate your electric bill depending on the size of your system. With those savings you can use the money to save or even upgrade other parts of your home.

2. Increase your property Value

There have been multiple studies that show that a house with a Solar system has a higher property value and sell a lot quicker then a home without one. Appraisers are increasingly taking solar installations into considerations as they value homes at the time of sale.

3. Great return on investment

Thanks to substantial electricity bill savings, the average American home owner pays off their solar panel system in 7-8 years.

4. Tax Advantages

A property owner with the right tax situation can reduce system cost by up to 50% with the federal Income Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation.

5. Reduce carbon footprint

Solar energy is clean and renewable. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not generate harmful carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases that are known to contribute to global warming. By using solar electricity instead of electricity generated with fossil fuels, your home or business can reduce its’ carbon footprint and contribute to a culture of sustainability.

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