Main Panel Upgrade

Why should you upgrade your panel?

There are multiple reason to upgrade a main panel, some of the reasons are as followed:

  • Installing new major appliances that require more power than your panel is available to give out. Such as a new spa, heaters, A/C units and new solar systems.

  • Need additional spaces for circuit breaker.

  • Current breakers are out of date and not functioning properly

  • Installing an RV garage, mother-in-law suite or adding another building that needs its own 200amp panel along with a 200amp for the main house.

  • Increases your homes value.

  • Certain home insurance companies give out discounts when a panel is upgraded from a Zinsco panel.

  • Persistent burning smells.

  • Sparks when breakers are touched due to a damage bus bar.

  • Need additional outlets to reduce the use of power strips.

What is a Zinsco panel and why should I care?

Zinsco panels were very common up til the mid-1970's. The panel was very popular in North America but halted due to some issues which were:

  • Panels were known to fail while still conducting power

  • Certain components of the panel contain aluminum 

  • Bus bars corrodes easily

If your not sure if you have a Zinsco give us a call and we will come over for free and check out you main panel.


Zinsco Panel

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