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Energy Solutions

LED Lights

  • Use 85% less energy than Incandescent bulbs

  • Create less heat

  • LED don't emit damaging infrared or ultraviolet lights

  • They last 25 times longer than incandescent lights which will limit cost in the long run

  • You can illuminate your home or products in crisp, clean light and choose from a wide range of color temperatures to suit your preferences.

  • Recessed lights make a room look more spacious.

  • Recessed lights can replace practically replace 4’ fixtures that are installed in the home


Smart Thermostat

  • Can learn your living habits to adjust the temperature of your home.

  • Nest claims you can save 15% on your cooling cost and about 10-12% on your heating cost.

  • Track your energy usage to know what you are using when you're not home.


Whole House or Attic Fan

Works by pulling in outside air through a opening of your choosing, either window or door and since the outside air is cooler during the evening or night time it will force the warm air out. 

  • Will also blow air into the attic and force it out the vent.

  • Will see a reduction of A/C costs.

  • Quiet operations(Quiet Cool)

  • Can exhaust your home from bad odors.

  • Increase your home resale value.

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